Words Are Like Monkeys

Words are like monkeys.
At least they remind me of monkeys.
Usually, in the way monkeys can be somewhat terrifying (especially, if you are drunk and have wandered into a thicket of bushes and tall trees where they were sleeping up until the moment you loudly cursed your ex-girlfriend while kicking what you thought was a piece of dead wood).
And, also in the way that just as they seem really terrifying, they can be funny, or silly. You know, like those silly monkey mannerisms... arms in the air, big teeth grinning, moving from side to side, which can, actually, seem quite terrifying.
So, maybe I mean that words are like monkeys in the way you can never tell whether they’re going to run up and bite a couple of your fingers off, or whether they might suddenly roll around in the grass and then stand up and reach back for some poop.

You never know with words?
Words can be capricious. Like ‘capricious’. Who thought that word was going to come out? See?! Surprise! It’s ‘capricious’.
Wait.. can words be capricious? I'm not sure what it means, really.
Poor choice there.

Maybe words are like, um… let’s compare them to how difficult it is to find good Mexican food.

Yeah, forget it.
You’re on your own.


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